1954-mile-long Dining Table



In response to President Trump’s call for tender on March 2017 for a ‘magnificent wall’ separating the United States and Mexico, No-to-scale studio proposed a 1954 mile-long dining table as a possible solution. We felt that sharing a simple proposal could spark a shift in conversation of what constitutes a ‘border wall’, thus redefining/ revealing its more optimistic quality (if any). Here being a non-alienating border which requires the participation of people for it to function.

What was presented instead was a generous dining table. A solid slab of polished marble surface, made as far as the eye could see. A border as a tool of congregation, made in the spirit of conviviality. Imagine massive Thanksgiving dinners hosted by both sides of the fence. Where local delicacies acts as soft-power in bringing people together, transcending ethnicities, boundaries and geopolitics.

Outrageous? Absolutely. Perfectly in response to an outrageous brief as a solution. Doubling as a diplomatic act in fostering goodwill ties between the neighboring countries.

Type: Speculative Design