Malaysia EXPO 2020 Pavilion


No-To-Scale has imagined installing a superyacht connected to the 1MDB embezzling scandal as a provocative alternative Malaysian pavilion for the Dubai Expo.

The pavilion proposal is intended “to materialise the complex issue” of the ongoing political scandal by visualising the spoils of the stolen cash. “This proposal is to give insight to visitors on the absurdity of such an amount of money,” said No-To-Scale. “We wish to re-frame and question how issues of corruption and embezzlement can be represented visually to make sense of the huge amount that was lost and turning it into tangible items that are more relatable to the public,” said the design office. “It will flip a financial and political fiasco into a theatrical spectacle.”

Typology: Pavilion
Location: World Expo 2020 Dubai
Involvement: Concept Stage
Date of Completion: 2019