Material: MDF, stone, faux stone, mirror acryllic, ratchet strap, LED monitor display

Dimension: 2400 (L) x 1100 (W) x 1500 (H) mm approx



Booth design, curation and art installation by NTS* done for HDPC for the launch of their collection ‘Shapes & Textures’ at  SNEAKER-LAH! 2022 in Midvalley.

We live in weird times. Our reality deceives us daily; materials masquerading as other surfaces, online avatars unlike the living, objects function without a purpose-in short; what is ‘real’ anymore?

FORM/ FUNCTION/ FOLLY investigates these phenomena through the interplay of the physical and the virtual.

A physical installation with its digital double in another space & time becomes a bridge for the audience to simultaneously be in Sneakerlah and into a virtual world created by No-to-scale* together with HDPC. A mental leap as we question the highly mediated realities we live in today.