House of Plenty


No-to-scale with Joseph Robert Goodwin


Within our ‘House of Plenty’, inhabitants should feel a sense of surprise, delight and joy, even a sense of luxury. The spaces carved out, mediate alternately between the public and the private, opening unexpected spaces which connects vertically via a central staircase. For this particular design, we imagined a living unit which grows around a central orange tree. Creating an environment which fuses seamlessly with nature, overlooking the cultivated gardens that the residents have created. Living in the future should feel hopeful, and it starts here.

Material scarcity will see much of the building materials of the future be made out of recycled waste such as plastics, metals and other hybridized composites of various types of waste. Innovation will drive the construction industry once more. We envision the living units to be made out of re-melted recycled plastics, into various containers designed to house the living of the future. The units, made out of composite reinforced recycled plastics, will be molded into a semi-monocoque construction. Structural without the need for steel frames. As a result, these units are substantially lighter to hoist up and relocate where necessary. With its small footprint, these units can populate roof-tops, taking them over as urban farming spaces.

Type: Future Living