“Kisah-kisah Ibu”



Mosquito net, wheelchair, Malaysian flag, wooden balustrade and ‘keris’ replica.

“May We…” explores the views of the generation of today around the incident of May 13, 1969, also known to be the darkest day in Malaysia.

It was difficult to speak about the incident, due to family trauma or taboo surrounding the subject; especially after the incident is deemed to be a sensitive topic. Leading to the fear of forgetting a significant piece of Malaysia history.

The four participating artists will interpret the complex history through layers of resources; the existing artworks, made between 1969 – 1970, in response to the riots, personal family memories as well as factual, written accounts of the riots. The artists worked based the common connections – an intergenerational fear, anxiety and discontent. “

‘May We’ is a show curated by Rebecca Yeoh and Azzad Diah, featuring Paul Nickson, Ali Alasri, Dhavinder Singh and Shamin Sahrum.