‘Rumah Sampah’



Material scarcity will see much of the building materials of the future be made out of recycled waste such as plastics, metals, and other hybridized composites of various types of waste. Innovation will drive the construction industry once more.

We envision “RUMAH SAMPAH” as living units to be made out of re-melted recycled plastics, into various containers designed to house the living of the future.

“RUMAH SAMPAH” is not just a ‘house’ but a conversation starter into how Malaysians would want to live in a post-consumer society.

A house that redefines Malaysian values such as shifting from mass production to a sustainably- sourced production, from throwaway consumer culture to a more DIY-based culture. Living in the future should feel hopeful, and it starts here.

Submission entry for KLAF Malaysian House comp, 2020. Collaboration with Poh Sin Studio.