“The City of Stone”


“I swear by the Time,
Man is in a state of loss indeed,
Except those who believed and did righteous deeds,
And exhorted each other to follow truth,
And exhorted each other to observe patience.”
Surah Al-Asr.

It was not known exactly how did man forget about the meaning of death. It may have been when we were living in hedonistic heedlessness all those eons ago. We over-consumed and our needs didn’t justify our lust for consuming. Then we looked towards science as our savior and made ourselves immortal. As our over-consumption led to the eventual downward spiral of the world, our increased lifespan meant that suffering due to our own selfish hands, was inevitable. Some have tried to leave this world forcefully, as the term in the old-world goes; ‘to take one’s own life’. Never successful though, as we healed faster than we can physically harm ourselves.

In that desperation, a miracle came in the form of a prophecy. A cure for immortality was the promise and along with it, the location of where the spectacle would be held. The cost of the cure? Our patience and our blinding faith. All, if not most, called it a bluff. Surely it must be a twisted joke? A manipulation of our desperation and deepest desires. Some of us, driven by an innate urge to leave this world, found meaning and hope in the prophecy. Leaving their lives behind, lured by the promise of eternal peace.

“The City of Stone” is a collaborative story-telling exploration by  Khairul Izzuddin + Shiela Samsuri+ no-to-scale*