Waste Isolation Pilot Plant- Marker


Location: Arizona, United States

No-to-scale studio submitted a design proposal for a marker or marker system to deter inadvertent human intrusion into the Waste Isolation Pilot Plant, located in New Mexico. The WIPP stores millions of barrels of highly radioactive waste that have been buried in repositories deep beneath the earth’s surface. By products of nuclear weaponry production, transuranic waste is not only harmful, but also boasts a formidable decay process lasting thousands of years.

The marker should exist as a means of passive institutional control of the site for the duration of 10,000 years, following the closure and deactivation of the WIPP.

Our proposal incorporated decommissioned nuclear missile fuselage on site to become part of the marker system. It is a sealed container and a symbolic tomb, marking the first step towards departure from nuclear-based energy and embracing renewable energy. This future projection will see the United States systematically disarm its nuclear armament stockpile in phases over a period of 100 years.